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Jinan Xintai Forging Co Ltd was established in 2008 covers an area of 20 000 square meters and currently has 200 employees It has been specialized in flange production for 12 years The company has integrated from blanking forging heat treatment machining surface treatment packaging etc The main product materials are made of carbon steel stainless steel alloy steel aluminum alloy nickel based alloy flanges and forgings The product types include PL flange SO flange WN flange slotted flange BL blind plate customized special shaped flange We can provide American standard ANSI German standard DIN British standard BS European standard EN1091 Japanese standard JIS Russian standard GOST Italian...

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Slotted FlangeRaised Face Weld Neck FlangeDN350 Size Blind Type FlangeDN100 Size Blind Type FlangeDN500 Size Blind Type FlangePN40 12821-80 Slotted FlangePN16 12821-80 Slotted FlangeDN300 Size Blind Type FlangeANSI B16.5 Blind Type Flangegost 33259 flange dimensions2 1/2 Inch Size Plate FlangePN10 12821-80 Slotted FlangeDN250 Size Blind Type FlangeFabric Flexible Rubber JointPN10 12820-80 Slotted FlangeDN800 Size Blind Type FlangeDN400 Size Blind Type Flangegalvanized flange home depotDN1400 Size Plate Type Flange2 Inch Size Blind Type Flange6 Inch Size Blind Pipe FlangeReducer End Pvc Pipe FittingsPN100 12821-80 Slotted Flange8 Inch Size Blind Pipe Flange5 Inch Size Blind Pipe Flange3 Inch Size Blind Type FlangeDN1200 Size Blind Type FlangePN100 12821-80 Slip on FlangeClass2500 Slotted Type FlangeDN2000 Size Plate Type FlangeRubber Expansion Joint BridgeDN1600 Size Blind Type FlangeClass1500 Slotted Type Flange1 1/4 galvanized floor flangeANSI B16.5 Standard Wn FlangePN160 12821-80 Slip on FlangeDN2000 Size Blind Type FlangeDIN2576 Standard Blind FlangeDIN2573 Standard Blind FlangeDIN2502 Standard Blind FlangeDN1800 Size Blind Type FlangeDN1800 Size Plate Type FlangeClass1500 Welding Neck FlangeDN1000 Size Blind Type FlangeRubber Expansion Joint FlangeDIN2503 Standard Blind Flange1 Inch Size Blind Type FlangeClass2500 Welding Neck Flange4 Inch Size Blind Type FlangeForged Female Threaded FlangeHot Dipped Galvanizing FlangeDN1400 Size Blind Type FlangeDN1000 Size Plate Type FlangeDN1600 Size Plate Type FlangeFunctions of the Blind FlangeDN1200 Size Plate Type FlangeCarbon Steel Blind Type Flange1-10-10 Size Plate Type Flange12 Inch Size Blind Pipe Flange1-20-10 Size Plate Type FlangeForged Steel Blind Type FlangePN6 12820-80 Plate Type Flange1-32-10 Size Plate Type FlangePN6 12820-80 Blind Type FlangePipe Fittings Plastic Long TeeANSI B16.5 Slotted Type FlangePressure Class900 Blind Flange1-15-10 Size Plate Type Flange24 Inch Size Blind Pipe FlangePN6 12821-80 Blind Type Flange18 Inch Size Blind Pipe FlangePressure Class300 Blind Flange20 Inch Size Blind Pipe Flange1-40-10 Size Plate Type FlangePressure Class600 Blind Flange16 Inch Size Blind Pipe Flangetypes of flanges with pictures14 Inch Size Blind Pipe Flange1-50-10 Size Plate Type FlangeCarbon Steel Plate Type Flange10 Inch Size Blind Pipe Flange1-80-10 Size Plate Type Flange1-25-10 Size Plate Type FlangeANSI B16.5 Welding Neck Flange1 1/2 Inch Size Slotted FlangePN6 12821-80 Plate Type Flange3 1/2 Inch Size Slotted Flange1-65-10 Size Plate Type Flange2 1/2 Inch Size Slotted Flange1 1/4 Inch Size Slotted FlangeTees Ductile Iron Pipe FittingPipe Fitting Forged Thread TeePipe Fitting Eccentric ReducerCast Iron Pipe Fitting ReducerPN16 12821-80 Blind Type Flange1-150-10 Size Plate Type Flangegeneral rubber expansion jointsPN63 12821-80 Blind Type FlangeFlexible Rubber Expansion JointPN16 12820-80 Plate Type FlangePN10 12821-80 Plate Type FlangePN10 12821-80 Blind Type FlangePressure 5k Welding Neck FlangeThreaded Rubber Expansion JointPN6 12820-80 Pressure Wn FlangePN25 12821-80 Plate Type FlangeDIN2573 Standard Slip On Flange1-125-10 Size Plate Type FlangeDIN2576 Standard Slotted Flange1-100-10 Size Plate Type FlangePN16 12821-80 Plate Type FlangePN40 12821-80 Plate Type FlangePN10 12820-80 Plate Type Flangeen 1092-2 flange dimensions pdfPressure Class1500 Blind FlangePN63 12821-80 Plate Type FlangePressure Class2500 Blind FlangeCarbon Steel Socket Weld FlangeDIN2502 Standard Slip On FlangePN6 12821-80 Pressure Wn FlangePN25 12821-80 Blind Type FlangePN40 12821-80 Blind Type FlangePN6 12821-80 Pressure So Flange3/4 Inch Size Blind Type FlangePressure 2k Welding Neck FlangePN6 12820-80 Pressure So FlangePressure 1k Welding Neck FlangePN16 12820-80 Blind Type Flangeforged flanges vs plate flanges1/2 Inch Size Blind Type FlangePN10 12820-80 Blind Type FlangePN6 12820-80 Welding Neck FlangePN16 12821-80 Pressure Wn FlangePressure 30k Welding Neck FlangePN40 12821-80 Pressure So FlangePN100 12821-80 Blind Type FlangeFlexible Rubber Expansion JointsPN10 12821-80 Pressure So FlangePN63 12821-80 Pressure So FlangeStainless Steel Pipe Fitting CapPN16 12821-80 Pressure So FlangeFitting Irrigation Pipe FittingsPN16 12820-80 Pressure So FlangePN16 12820-80 Pressure Wn FlangePressure 40k Welding Neck FlangePN10 12821-80 Pressure Wn FlangePressure 20k Welding Neck FlangeCarbon Steel Slotted Type FlangePN25 12821-80 Pressure So FlangePN40 12821-80 Pressure Wn FlangePressure 16k Welding Neck FlangePressure 10k Welding Neck FlangePN6 12821-80 Slotted Type FlangePN6 12820-80 Slotted Type FlangeEN1092-1 Standard Slotted FlangePressure Class600 Slotted FlangePN100 12821-80 Plate Type FlangePN10 12820-80 Pressure Wn FlangeCarbon Steel Welding Neck FlangePN160 12821-80 Blind Type FlangePN10 12820-80 Pressure So FlangePressure Class150 Slotted FlangePN25 12821-80 Pressure Wn FlangePN6 12821-80 Welding Neck FlangePN63 12821-80 Pressure Wn Flangerubber expansion joint cataloguegalvanized pipe fittings catalogPN25 12821-80 Welding Neck FlangePN10 12820-80 Welding Neck FlangePN16 12820-80 Welding Neck FlangePN40 12821-80 Welding Neck FlangePN16 12821-80 Welding Neck FlangePN160 12821-80 Pressure Wn FlangePN63 12821-80 Welding Neck Flange2 1/2 Inch Size Blind Type FlangePN100 12821-80 Pressure Wn FlangePN100 12821-80 Pressure So FlangePN10 12821-80 Welding Neck FlangePN160 12821-80 Pressure So FlangePN10 12820-80 Slotted Type FlangePN63 12821-80 Slotted Type FlangePN10 12821-80 Slotted Type FlangePN40 12821-80 Slotted Type Flangestainless steel flange dimensionsPN16 12820-80 Slotted Type FlangePressure Class1500 Slotted FlangePN25 12821-80 Slotted Type FlangePN16 12821-80 Slotted Type Flange1 1/2 Inch Size Blind Type FlangeANSI B16.5 Standard Slotted FlangePN6 12820-80 Pressure Blind FlangePN6 12821-80 Pressure Blind FlangePN6 12820-80 Pressure Plate FlangePN6 12821-80 Pressure Plate FlangePN100 12821-80 Slotted Type FlangePN100 12821-80 Welding Neck FlangePN160 12821-80 Welding Neck FlangePN40 12821-80 Pressure Blind FlangePN16 12820-80 Pressure Blind FlangePN63 12821-80 Pressure Blind FlangePN25 12821-80 Pressure Blind FlangeRubber Expansion Joint With FlangesPN16 12821-80 Pressure Blind FlangePN10 12821-80 Pressure Blind FlangeDn200 Sphere Rubber Expansion JointPN10 12820-80 Pressure Blind FlangePN10 12821-80 Pressure Plate FlangePN16 12820-80 Pressure Plate FlangePN40 12821-80 Pressure Plate FlangePN16 12821-80 Pressure Plate FlangeGrooved Malleable Iron Pipe FittingPN10 12820-80 Pressure Plate FlangePN63 12821-80 Pressure Plate FlangePN25 12821-80 Pressure Plate FlangePN6 12820-80 Pressure Slotted FlangePN100 12821-80 Pressure Plate FlangePN6 12821-80 Pressure Slotted FlangePN100 12821-80 Pressure Blind FlangeRubber Expansion Joint For VibrationPN160 12821-80 Pressure Blind FlangeMating Flange Rubber Joint ExpansionPN40 12821-80 Pressure Slotted FlangePN16 12821-80 Pressure Slotted FlangePN25 12821-80 Pressure Slotted FlangeRubber Seismic Bridge Expansion JointPN63 12821-80 Pressure Slotted FlangePN16 12820-80 Pressure Slotted FlangeSphere Nitrile Rubber Expansion JointPN10 12820-80 Pressure Slotted FlangePN10 12821-80 Pressure Slotted FlangePN100 12821-80 Pressure Slotted FlangeTelescopic Rubber Expansion Joint PriceRubber Expansion Joint Flange Specification
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